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CDK Made Simple: Managing S3 lifecycle policies with CDK

S3 lifecycle policies with CDK Imagine a following scenario: You've been hired at a social media website (e.g. Twitter for Bunnies) and your task is to optimize the way they store their images. Whenever a user uploads a new image, it typically gets accessed quite frequently for a month or so before…

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AWS Made Simple: Elastic Beanstalk deployment policies

I'm currently studying for AWS Certified Developer: Associate exam and the post you're about to (hopefully!) enjoy is a part of my learning process - learning in public helps me a lot! AWS Elastic Beanstalk deployment policies Elastic Beanstalk (that's an odd name, btw) provides several options for…

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AWS CDK Made Simple: Run a Lambda function locally

Every single development workflow looks like this and building stuff with AWS Lambda is no exception: Luckily, there's a way of testing AWS-CDK powered lambda functions on our local machine, without fiddling with the AWS Console. It's definitely easier and faster than re-deploying a function to THE…

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Reasons why React is better than jQuery

there doesn't seem to be anything here

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Random notes taken while preparing for AWS Certified Developer Associate exam

I'm currently studying for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam and I'll be taking my notes here, maybe you'll find it useful BTW - I also produce my own free content for which will help you pass the exam: Learn AWS Lambda from scratch Build serverless applications with AWS…

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AWS Made Simple: AWS Cloud Development Kit basics

What is AWS CDK? According to the docs: "The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is an open source software development framework to model and provision your cloud application resources using familiar programming languages." In other words: AWS CDK allows us to use a programming language that we all…

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AWS (?) made simple: What is a Netlify function?

~Simple~ Let's face it, AWS (a.k.a "the cloud") is not simple. Even though some AWS services have the world 'simple' in their name (e.g. S3, SQS, SNS) they are anything but simple. I'm personally trying my best to level the playing field by learning AWS Lambda in public but still, serverless…

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