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AWS Made Simple: AWS Cloud Development Kit basics

What is AWS CDK? According to the docs: "The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is an open source software development framework to model and provision your cloud application resources using familiar programming languages." In other words: AWS CDK allows us to use a programming language that we all…

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AWS (?) made simple: What is a Netlify function?

~Simple~ Let's face it, AWS (a.k.a "the cloud") is not simple. Even though some AWS services have the world 'simple' in their name (e.g. S3, SQS, SNS) they are anything but simple. I'm personally trying my best to level the playing field by learning AWS Lambda in public but still, serverless…

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AWS Made Simple: Trigger a lambda function via API Gateway

Once we create an AWS Lambda function we probably want to be able to call it (otherwise, why bother creating a function at all?). As we established in the previous posts , an AWS Lambda function can be triggered by various events - including an HTTP request, which citation needed is probably…

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Why (frontend) testing matters

Imagine the following. You join a new project and after getting access to the repo you notice that there's no tests. You decide to ask the team whether they are in different repo or something and unfortunately the answer is: We don't have any tests, we didn't have the time. 😐 Let's talk about why…

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AWS Made Simple: WTF is Amazon EventBridge

In the serverless world, everything revolves around events. Your (micro)services are responsible for either producting or reacting to different kinds of events (e.g. API calls). When you have an architecture where (for example) a single API call can trigger a Lambda function that saves something in…

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AWS Made Simple: WTF is AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) and why it's awesome 🤩

Let me start with a quick story. When I started to learn how to program it was obvious at the time that you need separate languages for frontend and backend. For instance - JavaScript at the front and PHP at the back (which, for the record, is still a valid choice for a web service). Since then the…

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Why I'm excited about serverless as a frontend engineer

Back to the basics Basically every non-trivial web app (e.g. Uber for Bunnies) is composed out of three basic components, think of it as a recipe: Visuals (frontend) - a layer that users interact with, so your good ol' trio of HTML/CSS/JavaScript (with a dash of jQuery plugins, tracking scripts and…

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